Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wednesday already?

Trips to the country and weekdays off always mess up my sense of time, and this week is no different. I can't complain though, because this means a three-day workweek for me! Of course, having some extra time off meant that I wasn't spending much time online and now I'm feeling the pressure to catch up with everything I've missed. I managed to check in on my stitching groups, but I am woefully behind on reading my favorite blogs.

Image Hosting by I made some good progress on Snow Wonderful over the weekend. There is a ton of white in this design and I generally don't like working with white, but somehow, it doesn't bother me at all on this project. Everything about this one is fun to stitch. I guess it doesn't hurt that the white shows up so nicely on the adobe fabric.

Since yesterday was Tuesday, I dragged out Santa's Magic and worked on that for a while. I started out by dumping a bunch of the beads onto the floor-- NOT GOOD!!! Once I got that mess cleaned up, I worked on a small area of beading and followed that up with a few rows of metallic braid. It wasn't much, but better than nothing. I haven't taken a new progress pic yet, because there really isn't much progress to see. Maybe I'll do that after next week's stitching session.

I also managed to finish decorating my Christmas tree. I have way too many ornaments for a single tree, but I like seeing them all, so I just piled it on. No pic of that yet, either. But I promise to post one soon! In the meantime, here are a few pics of some painted ornaments that I made in 1992.

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And a couple of ornaments that I've received in exchanges from past years:

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BeckySC said...

It's looking great, Juanita :) I have this one in my stash and have always liked it! I'll look forward to seeing it come to life!

Lili said...

Wow! You're very talented! I'm a crap when it comes to painting, this is horrible!

Nice exchanges too! I have only stitched for not a full year yet, and blogged even less, so I'm discovering stitched ornies, and I love their keepsake/heirloom aspect. See what I mean?

When it comes to exchanges, I have no idea how they work, still don't understand what SAL or LNS means, but having fun blogging anyway...

Santa's magic: I like beading, but I do this with no kids around, and I hate metallic floss. Although I have found out that working them making a loop jut at the eye of the needle makes it easier. But then: it's impossible to frog unless you cut. As metallics are easily worn out, I don't think it would change stg: you frog it, you throw it away...
Thanks for sharing.
Take care!