Wednesday, December 07, 2005

SBQ - Charity Stitching

This week's question was suggested by Zohrah.

Have you done any charity stitching, been in one, or would like to organize one?

I have only done two charity stitching projects. Both were quilts that I donated squares to a number of years ago. These happened to be projects where there was a theme that had to be stitched, and both also required white aida for the squares. Because of this, I had a very hard time getting motivated to work on them, even though it was for a good cause. I'd never be able to organize one, due to lack of time, but I would like to stitch for one again.


Kim said...

I just had to drop by and sing another round of Jingle Bells Batman Smells for you! LOL

ACTUALLY... I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your Santa's Magic! Saying it is beautiful is a major understatement. This is a lifetime treasure! It looks fantastic. :)

Senorita Stitches said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love you Spanish Geometric Sampler. Is that the one by Needles Content?