Thursday, December 29, 2005

Goals for 2006

I've never been much for setting yearly stitching goals. I have a hard time thinking that far in advance. But I thought I'd give it a try this year. I have no idea whether or not my goals are realistic. I have a hunch that they aren't, because I tend to get sidetracked by new things.

My main goal is to ENJOY MY STITCHING in 2006!!! Anything that might get accomplished along the way is just an added bonus. A few of my WIPs/UFOs are fairly close to finished, so some of these goals are pretty reasonable.

Complete the following UFOs:

1. Santa's Magic - Mirabilia
2. Pansy Needleroll - Victoria Sampler
3. Mother's Love Needleroll - Shepherd's Bush

Complete the following WIPs:

1. Snow Wonderful - M Designs
2. Spanish Geometrical Sampler - Heart's Content
3. Castle Sampler - Teresa Wentzler

Start & Finish:

1. Valentine Exchange project
2. The Prairie Garden - Drawn Thread
3. Christmas stockings for BF & me - Shepherd's Bush
4. Quaker Diamond - Hillside Samplings


1. Persian Iris Garden - Chatelaine (May 2006)

Assemble the following FUFOs:

1. Valentine Heart - flat fold or cube-it
2. Spring Morning - needleroll
3. Laura's Roll - needleroll
4. Snowflakes - heart ornament
5. Deck the Halls - bellpull
6. Watercolour Eggs - flat fold or cube-it

SALs I'll be participating in:

1. UFO - weekly
2. Mirabilia
3. TW - weekly
4. Finishing forum - monthly
5. Stitchathon - monthly
6. Christmas ornaments - monthly

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