Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ta Da!!!

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.comButton Santa was completely assembled just in time to meet my final November stitching goal deadline. I dusted off my glue gun (haven't used it in years) and used it to attach the cording. It went on so easily and I'm hoping that maybe I'll be a bit more timely in assembling other projects.

I'm not thrilled with how this picture turned out. There is a weird reflection in the lettering above the rooftops that I don't like at all. It's from the surface of the foam core that I mounted the stitching on. The fabric is 18 or 19 ct. linen, so the holes are large and the backing shows through just a bit. It doesn't look shiny in real life-- that's just where the flash from the camera reflected.

Now I need to consider my December goals. I think that this month, I would like to be less ambitious with my large project, so that I can devote a bit of time to ornaments and other small projects.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.comMy focus piece for December will be Acorns & Flowers Sampler, by Samplers and Such. At this point, I have 4 bands completed and most of band 5. That sampler was giving me fits until I picked up Amy Mitten's "Autopsy of the Montenegrin Stitch". I can't say enough good things about that little book-- it truly saved my sanity when working the diagonal montenegrin stitch. Without it, I have no doubt that this sampler would have become a UFO, as I simply could not figure out the diagonal montenegrin stitch and how to change directions based on the diagrams included with the pattern. It's a small book, roughly the size of a notecard, and spiral bound... and the best $16.50 plus shipping that I've ever spent.

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Isabelle said...

Your ornament is really cute! Congrats!