Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Rocky Start

I started M Designs Snow Wonderful today. Or perhaps I should say that I tried to start it. I'm afraid I didn't get very far.

I started out with great enthusiasm on a pretty piece of 32 ct. hand-dyed fabric that came in a recent Silkweaver order. The color is Adobe, which should work quite nicely, I think. I decided to break with my usual "start in the middle" routine and instead began in the center of the top border. I did the entire right half of the white area of the border before realizing that I had spaced each motif one stitch too far to the right. So I frogged five of the six motifs.

I restitched four of them and then proceeded to place the sixth one (the right corner) incorrectly three times. So I frogged again. And again. And again. Fourth time is the charm and I finally got it right! By then it was nearing bedtime, but I just had to get something on that fabric besides white. For all the time spent on this project this evening, I should be farther along. Oh well, it's a start.

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In the meantime, I'm having one of those weeks at work. I'm teaching Monday through Thursday, which is generally fine... but this week... not so fine. I ended the three-day course today and got great reviews, so that's positive. I just feel really burned out for some reason. I'm hoping tomorrow's one-day class goes quickly because I'm really ready for this to be over for the week. And since I'm doing this training in-house, rather than on the road, I get the added bonus of keeping up with regular office nonsense while still managing to teach.

I think they (you know, the weather types) are calling for snow here on Friday. Naturally I'm hoping it's enough to close the office. Otherwise, it's just something messy that I have to drive through to get to work. Maybe I'll get a bonus stitching day yet.


BeckySC said...

Sorry to hear you had to frog...I did that with my anniversary project...I kept adding my initials wrong and had to frog several times! I am sending you the "frog-be-gone" :)
What you did accomplish looks good-I like your fabby choice :)

Lili said...

Your Christmas ornies look just so great! Your Santa's magic is too, but it looks very complicated! How long have you been stitching it? (may be you have answered it already, in which case I'm sorry but I really need to catch up, I know!).
Frogging is hell, and it's a big risk when you stitch on evenweave... It's a chance this doesn't happen very often! I'm sure when you have stitched more (and right, from the start) of it, you will feel better...
I added you on my blogs' list, I hope you don't mind, but I like visiting yours, so...
Hope you have enough snow to stay at home! Does your cat go out? Mine does (she was "wild" when we adopted her, so we can"t have her use litter). It's very funny to see how disgusted she is when she walks in the snow...
Take care!

Carol said...

Ouch!!! Not fun when a project just won't start off right!! I will keep my fingers crossed that you get enough snow tomorrow to stay home and stitch! I think Adobe is going to be wonderful for that design!