Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another Ornie Assembled

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This is an ornament that I stitched quite a while ago, but I never assembled it. Like so many things, it was laying in a drawer awaiting finishing. Yesterday, I decided that it was well past time for this one to be on my tree and I sewed it together last night. The assembly was easy-- a backstitch border on the stitched side, and a backstitched square of the same size on the back... and whipstitch the two together on the outside. This finishing technique is a bit slow because it is done entirely by hand, but I like the edging that it makes.

And, just for fun, here are a few pics of our Christmas tree.

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Carol said...

Your ornament is beautiful - great job! It will look lovely on your very pretty tree :-)

Kali said...

Love the ornament! That is one of my favorite ways to finish ornaments as I'm guaranteed an even edge when its put together, my skills with the sewing machine do leave a bit to be desired ;) You tree looks great as well

BeckySC said...

Lovely ornament, Juanita and a VERY festive tree...I love it!

Isabelle said...

What a cute ornie! Your tree is GORGEOUS :)