Friday, December 09, 2005

Questions Answered

I wanted to try and answer a few questions that have come up recently on my blog. Unfortunately, I have been bombarded with work this week and haven't had a chance to get back to anyone. But today is nice and slow and now I have some time to answer this stuff, and to check in on all of your blogs that I enjoy reading regularly. I've caught up on my email group and the BB, with time to spare for blog reading. (I've really missed that this week!)

Lili-- Santa's Magic was started in 1999. I was pretty enthusiastic at first, but that wore off quickly. I don't know how many actual stitching hours I have into it so far. He has spent most of his 'lifetime' in a closet, but I am really trying to finish him in 2006. Thanks for adding me to your blog list... at least I know that I'm not here talking to myself. LOL As for my kitties (there are actually two, but one is *extremely* camera shy and never sits still long enough, so no pics of her here), neither of them ever goes out. I did put each of them outside in snow once, just to see what they'd do. They just stared at it and looked decidedly unimpressed by the experience.

Becky-- Thanks for the 'frog-be-gone' wishes. It worked, and I had a wonderful stitching session last night with NO FROGS.

Kim-- Robin laid an egg!!! I don't know if I'll *ever* get that out of my head now, thanks to you.

Veronica-- the Spanish sampler is by Needle's Content. The original pattern was in purples/greens, but I changed them around a bit because I felt like stitching something red. The design is lots of fun to stitch, and I'm anxious to get back to it again.

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