Sunday, December 11, 2005

A tiny finish

I joined in a weekend freebie stitch-along and made this:

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It's a freebie design by Drawn Thread and is available online. I stitched it on willow green linen, rather than the summer khaki that is called for on the pattern, and I also changed the color of the flowers in the border. They were supposed to be gold, like the bee, but they didn't show up very well on the fabric, so I made them bright rose instead. I thought it looked more cheerful that way.

After finishing my freebie, I went back to stitching Snow Wonderful. No update pic for that one yet, although I am making good progress. I'm liking the adobe fabric from Silkweaver more and more as I stitch.

It's Sunday morning, and we'll be heading out to the country this afternoon. I have to be there for some workmen who are installing a new part for my alarm system tomorrow morning. They've already tried-- and failed-- with this thing once. Hopefully it will work this time.

In the meantime, I'm trying to put up some Christmas decorations before we leave. I had good intentions to do it over Thanksgiving, but didn't have time. And things have been way too busy since then for me to take care of it. Thus far, the tree is up and about half of the lights are on. Guess I should get back to it!


Erin said...

Your finish is cute!

I haven't yet hauled the bin of Christmas decorations up from the just seems like so much WORK, and since we'll be out of the house for Christmas anyway.....blah. (I'm not a Grinch, really!)

Lili said...

Go on finish your xmas decorations and make pics for us to see, please!
Half-kidding... Taking time to make a post and show your recent finish was very nice, indeed! It's very cute. I also tend to change more and more things on small designs, playing with the colour of fabric, and introducing overdyed floss (very hard to find in France). It's so great experiencing! And all this, thanks to stitchers' blogs... GREAT!
Also, I want to point how kind it is to give the link to the freebie, in case we might want to stitch it too... I'll take a look right now!
Take care!

BeckySC said...

Good job, Juanita :) I enjoyed the SAL with you this weekend :)