Friday, December 16, 2005

UFO Happy Dance!

Image hosted by This is Cloister Garden, by Drawn Thread-- stitched on 32 ct. antique white Belfast linen.

Okay, so it isn't my "official" UFO, but it was a UFO nonetheless. And as of last night, it is finished!

I've actually stitched this piece 3 times. The first time I was actually stitching it for myself, on English Rose linen. Then my ex-MIL spotted it and fell in love with the sampler, so I stitched a second one for her. Both of those were completed in 1999, just a couple of months apart.

In 2000, XH left and I bought a condo, which I promptly decorated in colors that did not work with rose anything. So my completed Cloister Garden on English rose fabric sat in a drawer. I had several stitching friends who were also stitching (or planning to stitch) this piece, and one of them just happened to have a place to hang my completed project. And she had a brand new Cloister Garden kit plus a piece of antique white Belfast to trade. Perfect!!! My completed piece found a happy home, and I was able to stitch it again for myself in a color scheme that would match my decor a bit better.

Looking at this photo, I realize that it is a terrible picture. The completed piece really is much prettier. This just looks kind of grey. Maybe I'll have to try again over the weekend-- in daylight.


Susimac said...

I love the DT gardens, they are so lovely, your looks really great

Carol said...

Oh, that is gorgeous! I think I will use antique white when I finally get around to stitching this one too!

Isabelle said...

Wow, that's gorgeous! I wanna stitch it now! Congratulations!
I would love a closer picture - I'm sure I'd be even more wowed!

karensff said...

Cloister Garden looks really lovely. Beautifully stitched! Congrats on your finish.

Lili said...

It looks very beautiful indeed! Isabelle is right: May be you could post several close up photos, just for the pleasure of our eyes?
We're happy to share your happy dance!
So, what's next?

Carol said...

Juanita, I am sooooo excited that you have joined the Mirabilia SAL!!!!

MysteryKnitter said...

How pretty work! Well done!