Sunday, December 20, 2009


We're in the midst of the big 2009 snow that hit the eastern US. It started Friday evening and kept going well into Saturday night. I haven't measured it, but looks like about 18" to 20" of white stuff. Thankfully, we have plenty of supplies and don't need to go anywhere, so we haven't done much to dig ourselves out.

My camera frustrations got the better of me last week. I broke down and ordered a Nikon DSLR. It arrived just in time for the snow. :) Things were sort of gray on Saturday while the snow was falling, but we woke up to sunshine today.

All this snow has been great for staying indoors with my hobbies. I'm in the midst of some socks, and even have some more stitching planned. I'll have pics of all that stuff soon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Exchanges

I was the lucky recipient of two holiday exchange packages this week. The first was from Jayne, for the Year-Long Prairie Schooler Exchange. I really love this cheery little guy. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a decent photo of him... YET.** This was as good as I could manage at the moment. :(

The second ornament that arrived in the mail was stitched by Vickey, from one of my online groups. This also arrived with a package full of goodies**, which I am enjoying tremendously.

**I don't want to rant in an otherwise happy post, but I am experiencing HORRIBLE issues with my digital camera. This is why I do not yet have a decent photo of the lovely ornament that Jayne sent, or the package of goodies from Vickey. It has become a major struggle to get a single decent picture off of my camera.