Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mid-December goal review

Since we're at the half-way point, I thought I'd take a few moments to review my goal list for the month and what I've accomplished so far. I'm actually quite pleased with what I've gotten done up to this point, and I think I will be able to meet my goals for December.

1. Complete bands 5 and 6 on Acorns & Flowers Sampler.
As of December 7, band 5 is done and 6 is approximately 60% complete. This weekend I will be participating in a stitch-a-thon with this project, so I expect to meet (and maybe even exceed) my goals for this project.

2. Start Snow Wonderful
I started this project on December 7 and have made pretty good progress thus far.

3. Assemble at least 2 ornaments
Done! I assembled the Mosey & Me Santa on December 1, and Christmas Rose was assembled on December 14.

4. Complete Cloister Garden
I haven't done anything on this one yet, but I plan to! There really isn't much left.

5. Stitch once each week on Santa's Magic
So far, so good! I've been working on this project every Tuesday and even though I can't see much progress so far, I know that it is getting closer to completion every time I work on it.

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