Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tuesday already?

I can't believe it's Tuesday already. Where has the time gone? The weekend whizzed by and managed to pass without much stitching activity. We drove to the country on Saturday and I got wrapped up with assorted things around the house. By the time I finally sat down to stitch, I was too tired to focus on it. On Sunday, an uncle and aunt came for a visit and took a few things from the garage. I don't know if I will ever get rid of all that needs to go, but at least I am finally getting started on it. We had a nice visit, and I managed to get a few stitches in before heading back home on Sunday evening.

I'm still working diligently on Castle Sampler. I finished the last bit of stitching on figure #3 last night and have most of #4 completed. He's still headless and doesn't look like much of anything. I took a photo of my latest progress on it, but haven't uploaded any pictures yet. The last several pics that I took of my stitching didn't turn out well at all-- the background of the fabric looked wavy. I'm not sure what the problem is, and I haven't found a way to avoid it.

Yesterday was a good mail day-- I received my "treat bag" from Silkweaver. There were 4 pieces of linen, all in 32 or 36 count. There was a 9" x 13" piece of raw linen, a small cut of R&R fabric in a bright pink color, and two larger pieces-- one in a tan color and the other in "miracle mint". I have to admit that the miracle mint is not my favorite color, but it will probably be lovely for needlerolls and such. I don't think I'd stitch an entire project on it though.

I had an email this morning from Wyndham Needleworks saying that my order would be delayed because some part of it is out of stock. I was a little bummed about that, because I was anxious to receive my new pattern and JCS ornament issues. Oh well, at least this way I won't be tempted to start a new project before completing any of my November stitching goals.

Speaking of my goals... I am not sure that they are realistic. The figure panel on Castle Sampler is extremely slow going, as is the over-one portion of the alphabet border. I'm not going to edit my list of goals though. I'll just do what I can and will know to be more realistic next time.

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