Friday, November 18, 2005

Backstitching Blues

I worked on Castle Sampler again last night. (Do we notice a trend developing here? LOL) I finished the last few Xs on Figure 4 and put a few more stitches in Figure 5, then I concentrated on the backstitching. I hate doing acres of backstitch (where are my trusty Mirabilia projects when I need them?) and have to do all of my backstitching as I go, or any project that had it would become a permanent UFO. To make matters worse, the b/s on this TW pattern is nearly impossible to read-- sometimes I can't tell if a grid line is simply a grid line, or if it is supposed to be backstitched. UGH!!!

This is where I have trouble getting motivated and literally must force myself to keep stitching. I did manage to make some progress though... Figure 3 is now complete, and I should finish Figure 4 this evening. I am getting near enough to the end of the figure panel that I am certain I will be able to finish it by the end of the month, meeting my second stitching goal for November. After that, I will need to assemble my Fall Leaves needleroll and make something out of Valentine Heart.

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