Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Moment of Weakness

I've been in a stash acquisition mood lately and recently joined the Fabric of the Month club at Silkweaver. I couldn't make up my mind which wonderful option I wanted, so I decided to try customized. According to the site, those packages ship around the first of each month. I knew that would be a couple of weeks, so I also ordered 5 of their Expressions fabrics in the meantime. Wouldn't you know it-- they arrived while I was in Nebraska. It was wonderful to come home and have a squishy envelope waiting for me.

I thought that joining FOTM and adding a package of Expressions fabric would satisfy my stash craving, but it didn't work for long. After posting yesterday's blog entry, I decided to order the 2005 Just Cross Stitch ornaments issue from the Wyndham Needleworks website. I could pick it up on my own easily enough, I suppose, but I get to an LNS so rarely these days that I decided to order it online to make sure that I got it. I missed out on the 2004 issue because I didn't make it to the LNS, so I also ordered that one as well. Then, I couldn't remember if I had 2003 or not (I'm really bad at picking these things up in the store), and I decided to order that one too-- just to be sure.

Well, you can't go to Wyndham to order one thing (okay, three things) and not browse through their wonderful selection of charts. I decided to have a peek, but I was JUST LOOKING. While I was browsing, I ran across a wonderful winter-themed pattern that I just had to have. I'm not a big fan of winter and thought that something whimsical to stitch would be just the thing to cheer me up during the colder months. I think this will do the trick. Of course, I wouldn't be able to stitch the pattern without any supplies, so I ordered all of the threads as well.

In the meantime, Silkweaver is having their Spooktacular Mystery Sale for a few more days. Their "treat bags" look especially appealing, and I doubt my willpower is going to hold out for very long. I'll be surprised if it lasts until the end of the day.

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