Thursday, November 17, 2005

Castle Sampler update

I finally took some updated pics of Castle Sampler on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, the computer at home wasn't cooperating, and I wasn't able to upload them until last night.

The first pic is of Figure 1. I included part of the left border, which is completed now.

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And here is a photo of Figure 2. The remaining three figures are in various states of completion, with Figure 3 being the closest to finished.

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I worked a bit more on this project last night, although I didn't get very far with it. I ended up having to frog a few stitches on the chair of Figure 5, and I didn't make too much progress after that.

Also, while I was in a picture taking mood, I snapped a photo of my completed (and framed!) Lighthouse, by Bent Creek. I thought I'd get some shade of blue mats for that one and go with a distressed wood frame, but I liked the cheerfulness of these mats better. They don't actually go with *any* of my decor, so this hangs in the hallway at BF's house. It doesn't go with his decor either, but at least it doesn't clash with anything in the hallway.

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Lelia said...

Nice work on the castle sampler. Beautiful colors!

I swear I have the very same Bent Creek Lighthouse pattern around there somewhere. It just never got stitched up. Nice selection for the frame/mat ; )

lissylaine said...

Ooh, I love your lighthouse - that's perfectly framed. Really pretty!