Monday, November 14, 2005

A Little Happy Dance

I haven't actually finished anything, but I did reach ONE of my November stitching goals over the weekend. I completed the left-hand border of Castle Sampler! I was getting tired of the figures at the bottom and decided I needed something a little more 'mindless', so I switched back to working on the border. Now that it is done, I can focus again on the figure panel. I worked a bit on them last night and have made a teeny bit of progress. For one thing, I completed the backstitching on figure #1.

After looking at the photos that I posted of Castle Sampler, I've realized that I really need to take some new pictures. The project has changed a lot since the October 11 pic.

Now that I've made some progress on my sampler, I would like to go ahead and assemble my Fall Leaves needleroll and do something with the Valentine Heart that I stitched several years ago. My inclination is to make that one into a flat-fold or cube-it. I haven't tried either finishing technique before, so that will probably be fun.... NOT. But it needs to be done, and I haven't spotted the Finishing Fairy flying around my neighborhood recently.

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