Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Squishy mail and other distractions

The last few mail days have been good to me. First, I
received a shipment from Silkweaver containing some
goodies that I ordered from their Odds & Ends page.
There were two gorgeous pieces of Lakeside Linens 40
ct. vintage linen in different shades of blue, plus
one small piece of neutral colored linen.

Next came the the shipment from Wyndham Needleworks
that I had been waiting on. Some of it had been
back-ordered, but it finally arrived in time for
Thanksgiving. That shipment contained the last three
years' worth of JCS ornament issues and M Designs'
"Snow Wonderful," along with all of the specialty
threads that it called for. That designs is so
whimsical and I am very anxious to start it, but I
will try to finish my November stitching goals first.

I stopped by Michael's Crafts yesterday in an effort
to get ribbons and other trim so that I can assemble
Fall Leaves and Button Santa. I found trim, but
didn't find any suitable board for making a flat-fold.
The foam core just looked too thick, so I decided to
look for something around the house. I found a box to
use, but it looks like the cardboard is too thin. I
guess I'll go back to Michael's today and pick up that
foam core that I saw.

I put a few more stitches in Castle Sampler last
night, but really wasn't motivated to work on it for
long. Most of figure #5 is backstitched, and I will
probably finish the figure panel this evening.

I suspect that we will be released early from work
today-- that's how it usually goes on the day before a
major holiday. I'm looking forward to the time off,
even though we're not travelling anywhere. Or perhaps
I should say 'especially' because we aren't travelling
anywhere. We'll go to Thanksgiving dinner with family
on Saturday, but that is the only commitment over this
long weekend. I plan to put my feet up and stitch,
cook a little, and maybe even work on my website.

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