Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yes, that's right.  Successes, plural.  As in, more than one.  Okay, so it was really only two, which doesn't put much of a dent in the giant FUFO pile, but it's a start.  :)

The first FUFO finish was this little guy, as I had planned.  I had the candy cane fabric on-hand and thought it was just perfect for this design.  The ultra-basic flat-fold finish happened because I didn't have any suitable cording for the edges.  Everything was either the wrong shade of red, or too dressy for this design. 

You may also notice that I did not change my initials as planned.  That's because I completely forgot about it until I had already completely assembled the piece.  And so, there it is.  >:(  BF laughed and said it was a "stamp in time" but I wasn't quite so amused.  I thought about picking it out, then decided that it really isn't that important.

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I finished the flat-fold while we were in the country over the weekend. I hauled a ridiculous amount of finishing supplies out there-- all of my finishing fabrics, trims, rotary cutter, mat boards, etc. I spread it

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