Friday, August 11, 2006

Jessica Stitch

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This just might be my new favorite stitch.  Isn't it pretty?  Surprisingly, I had never done it before, though I have heard other stitchers talk about Jessica stitch.  Based on the black background, you can probably guess that this is from Persian Iris Garden, which I worked on last night. 

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Part 4 is coming along nicely, although I haven't had as much time to work on it as I would have liked.  There's quite a bit of stitching in this installment.  Probably no more stitches than Part 3, but the color changes slow things down. 

I may not work on this over the weekend.  I haven't decided yet, but I do know that I have a couple of other stitching commitments.  First, I need to assemble a scissor fob for an exchange.  It isn't due to be mailed until September 1, but I would like to have it ready early.  I finished the stitching last weekend, so finishing it in the next day or so shouldn't be any problem.  My next weekend stitching commitment is a needleroll stitch-along.  I'm hoping to finish Victoria Sampler's Pansy needleroll-- a project that has been in the UFO pile for quite some time.

If I can find some time in between assorted stitching projects, I'd also like to make some soap.  Not the melt and pour stuff (though that's fun, too), but real, do-it-yourself, made-from-scratch SOAP.  I have nearly all of the supplies gathered, just need to purchase some lye and some utensils to designate for soap-making only use.  Hopefully I won't destroy BF's kitchen in the process. ;)


TwistedCandles said...

Lye gives off poisonous fumes when it's heated, so make sure you have plenty of ventilation when you start heating it up. If you can do the whole process outside that would be even better!

Michelle said...

Your progress on Part 4 looks fantastic! And your Jessicas look great - I fought with mine in Midi Mystery I for hours! Have fun making your soap!

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is really nice. I love this piece.

Anonymous said...

Your Pig is coming along beautifully! Would really appreciate it if you would post your "soap" making recipe as well - its something I always wanted to do!

Have a great weekend :)

Carol said...

I loved doing the Jessicas on Medieval Town Mandala too :-) Although... Martina's diagram for them was quite horrible.

Cathy said...

Ooh - I like the Jessica stitch. It's really pretty.

You did a great job on all of your finished last weekend too. Apparently I am really behind in my blog reading because I had missed them. Feels good to get things finished, doesn't it?

BeckySC said...

OOOH, those Jessica stitches look GREAT! WTG :)
I agree with Cathy, great job on your finishings last weekend :) AND, I too am WAY behind in blog reading and will probably get further behind :) LOL!

Sharon said...

Your Persian Iris garden is absolutely gorgeous-I have never seen the Jessica stitches before-they are pretty!