Friday, February 17, 2006

SBQ - Week of 2/15

This weeks�s SBQ was suggested by Heather:

Comment on your comments (giving and receiving): Do you love comments or hate them? Do you check them every day, never check them, or find them helpful? And finally, are you convinced no one is reading your blog if you don�t get any?

I love comments! My intention in creating this blog was to write it for myself, as a sort of stitching journal. As I started receiving comments, I realized what a great motivator it is to know that there are other stitchers out there who are interested in this stuff. Let's face it-- no one understands this little obsession better than other stitchers. BF shows proper enthusiasm for my stitching and watches happily as "squishy mail" arrives, but he cares only because it's something that makes me happy. But other stitchers GET IT in a way that non-stitchers never will. I

also like to leave comments for other stitchers. There's so much beautiful and inspiring work being done, and I'm always happy to cheer other folks on.


Chiara said...

Your Castle Sampler is a great work!! I hope You will reach yuour goal!!cheers

MysteryKnitter said...

Every word you write as an answer to that question is true. I mean..I am a needlepointer myself, but still....I can rejoice with someone else, no matter if she is "real xs'er" and I am just a needlepointer. We both stitch. So in a way I can say I understand what xs'er is going through. *sigh* Wish I could explain better, but I believe you get it from this...even my English is not the way the native speaker has it.