Thursday, February 02, 2006

Off to the dreaded Michael's

As everyone knows by now, I do not have a happy relationship with Michael's craft stores. Going there just irritates me to no end. Unfortunately, they are a necessary evil from time to time. So go there I must... as soon as I leave work today. I'm not much for running errands on my way home, and Michael's rates somewhere below stopping at the grocery store after work. Really, I dislike it that much. But I'm out of several floss colors for Adia and probably won't get much more accomplished on it until I get the missing bits.

Wish me luck!! LOL


Von said...

Juanita, I totally agree with you about Michaels! However, there are times when one simply must go in. We have another nearby craft store which is MUCH better, but they don't have DMC, or any floss.

Carol said...

Oh (gasp), I can totally relate to how you feel about trucking out to Michael's!! LOL! I hope they actually even had your DMC colors in stock!