Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Quelle Horreur!

I don't know why my high school French teacher suddenly popped into my head, but there it is. The first thing I thought when I realized what I think may be a boo-boo on my latest stitching project.

First, a little background--

I purchased patterns for a pair of Shepherd's Bush stockings YEARS ago. I think my intent was to make them for my ex-husband and myself. We split up in March of 2000, which should give you an idea of how long I've had these patterns sitting around, collecting dust. That's six years, in case you haven't had your morning coffee yet. Stitching just one for myself seemed a little lame, and unfortunately, my parents both passed away before I could do a pair for them. So the patterns sat some more, until I rediscovered them late last year.

In my enthusiasm for the Stocking Project of 1990-something-or-other, I bought the fabric to start. But, I only got the fabric for ONE STOCKING. (Do you want to guess where this is going? LOL) My rationale was that I would purchase the second piece after finishing the first stocking. It made sense at the time, really it did.

Fast-forward 7 or 8 years (maybe more!), and here I am with a single piece of 20 ct. Natural Linen that I can't seem to find a mate for. I looked at my usual online shops and could find 18 ct., 19 ct. and even 22 ct. linen... but no 20 ct. I have no idea who the manufacturer of my fabric is, as the label just has a hand-written note designating the count and color.

I was really looking forward to working on the stocking again this evening. But there's no sense stitching any further on it if I am not able to get the same fabric for a second stocking.

Oh darn... I guess that means I'll have to go to the LNS on my lunch break. Again!! LOL


bunnyhead said...

Hi! I just did a quick search for 20ct fabric on Google and there are quite a few places that have some. Silkweaver has something called 20ct Pearl Linen and a 20ct Lugana. I also saw a few places in the UK that sell 20ct Cork Linen (Willow Fabrics was one). I have no idea if these fabrics are comparable to what you have, but maybe they would do? Good luck!

Susimac said...

Try here I have used Lekker threads before and I just went and had a look and they do 20ct, they are in the UK, but will post anywhere.
They do 20ct evenweave and 21ct linen.

Hope that this helps you