Monday, February 06, 2006

February Goals

I should have posted these goals sooner-- I've already met a couple of them!

1. Start & finish St. Patrick's exchange project
2. Complete castle in center panel of Castle Sampler
3. Stitch on UFO (Adia) at least once each week.
4. Finish one FUFO - finished two on 2/5
5. Start SB's Robert's Stocking - started 2/5
6. Stitch two ornaments - finished one on 2/2

The only goal I've met that hasn't already been posted here is Robert's Stocking. I started it Saturday and worked a bit more on it last night. It's done over 2 threads on 20 ct. natural linen.

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Von said...

Wow, Juanita! Looks like February is going to be a good month for you!!