Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Neglected UFO

I woke up feeling lousy yesterday, so called in sick to work. Nothing serious, just one of those days and I'm fine now. And of course I wasn't too sick to stitch!

Now you'd think with a whole day just to put my feet up and stitch, on a TUESDAY, that I would have made all sorts of progress on my official UFO, Adia. Wrong! I meant to... really, I did. But I had pulled out Castle Sampler for my Monday TW stitch-along and I just couldn't put it down.

Lately I've been working on the Castle in the center panel. I've made pretty good progress and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I got a bit bored with that and switched to the inner border for a while. That's one of the reasons I love stitching TW designs-- lots of variety!!! And I truly enjoy working those borders.

The photo below was taken before I stopped working for the night. I've completed the inner border across the top, and am now working my way down the right side.

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And I promise I'll work on Adia again soon!!


bunnyhead said...

It's absolutely stunning! I love that piece.

Kim said...

But this one is so lovely I can see why you couldn't put it down. :D

Melissa said...

This is my to stitch one day pile. Your progress is inspiring me to start it sometime this year! It's beautiful.

Von said...

Wow! You've made wonderful progress - what a beautiful design :)))