Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Valentine Exchange Stitching

Monday was supposed to be my TW stitch-along day, but I was too exhausted yesterday to do much stitching after work. Instead, I spent an hour or so on my Valentine exchange project. I've completed the stitching and now just need to add beads. The stitching went so quickly that I think I will have time to do another teeny little something to go along with it. I'm really enjoying this piece and it's turning out even prettier than I expected. This weekend, I will go to the craft/fabric store to pick up the items needed to assemble it.

Yesterday also brought some squisy mail. That always brings a smile to my face, because I know there is something fun inside. This time, it was my Fabric of the Month shipment from Silkweaver. I have the 'customized' option, and of course I didn't print out my package selections, so each month brings a total surprise. January was a selection of 6 Silkweaver Solos. All were very pretty and I'm sure I'll find uses for them soon.

Today is UFO Tuesday, so I'll be working on Mother's Love needleroll this evening. With any luck, I'll be able to finish the hemstitching as well. Check this space tomorrow for a possible Happy Dance!


karensff said...

Congrats on stitching your valentine exchange so quickly. I am sure the person you are making it for will also think it very pretty.

I love getting parcels in the post too. You always know it is going to be something good. I am expecting a few too. A couple are craft materials so I'm looking forward to that.

Can't wait to see your happy dance!

Barbara said...

I just enrolled in the custom option at Silkweaver and am eagerly awaiting my first delivery.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I think I'll tend to stay away from R&R fabrics for awhile. ;-)

AnneS said...

I reckon Squishy mail is the BEST! :)