Monday, January 23, 2006

Stitch-athon Results and a New Toy

Image hosting by PhotobucketMy stitch-athon weekend got off to a rocky start. I began on Friday evening, after a leisurely dinner. First, I stitched the top red diamond bit shown here, only I stitched it in the wrong color. It wasn't too much stitching, so I ripped it out and began again. This time, I got the top 3 red diamonds stitched, plus the bits of filling in the first one. Then I realized that I had miscounted in the beginning and was ONE STITCH too many to the right. I ended up frogging my evening's work. After that, I wasn't very excited about stitching and decided to put it away for the night.

On Saturday morning, we were heading out to the country for the weekend. Since I made no progress on Friday night, I decided to stitch in the car. Not easy to do on 40 ct. linen!! Nevertheless, I made a bit of progress during our 90-minute trip. The rest of the weekend was pretty good stitch-wise, though I did have a few things out there to distract me from stitching. Even so, I managed to make pretty good progress, I think.

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I also did a bit of shopping over the weekend, and BF bought me a new sewing machine! I'm thrilled about it, even though he tells me that his mother will be mortified. Apparently, a sewing machine is not a romantic gift! LOL It's one of the computerized machines, with all sorts of stitches and a multitude of functions that I haven't entirely figured out yet. It's way more machine than I'll probably ever need, but it's nice to have the options. This will certainly make my needlework finishing a lot easier.

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Von said...

Hi Juanita! Sorry you had to spend so much of your weekend frogging! It does get frustrating! But you made great progress even so. Just love this design!

Isabelle said...

Congrats on the Brother, they are such wonderful machines! Your sewing's gonna be so precise. It's lovely to see you also - I love being able to put a face on the stitchers whose blog I visit - and yours is so pretty too! :)

BeckySC said...

Oooh, he is a keeper :) :) :) Wonderful machine! Congrats :)

Your sampler is AWESOME! WOW! I think you made nice progress!!!

Thanks for sharing the machine-your sampler and yourself with us :)

Kim said...

It's coming right along! :D Looks great, sorry to hear about all the frogging, never a good time.

Nice sewing machine! I think it's a lovely gift and more practical than so many of the "romantic" gifts. ;)

Erin said...

I have a similar machine that my mom gave me for is too bad we aren't closer, we could learn together! (I've never used a machine before....)

And I am the queen of "unromantic"gifts....this year I asked for a sewing machine, last year it was a new vacuum cleaner... :lol:

Singular Stitches said...

Lovely progress on your SAT design. (I think ripping out keeps us humble).

WOW! Love the new toy!!!!

AnneS said...

Sorry to hear about all the frogging - but what a way to make up for it ... a wonderful gift - forget 'romantic' ... I reckon useful wins every time for big gifts like that! :) Enjoy your time playing with your new toy :)

MysteryKnitter said...

My thoughts exactly! Enjoy the sewing machine! I am truly sorry about the frogging issue though...but you made even *some* progress after all. I am glad about it. And you should be too. Yes, and proud of your work.