Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sewing Machine Frustration

I didn't assemble my needleroll on Tuesday as planned, so I promised myself that I'd do it last night. That little endeavor didn't go so well. I have a portable machine, and as I was taking it out of the box, I accidently grabbed the little gizmo on top that holds the thread as I was grabbing the handle. I didn't realize it until the little piece snapped off in my hand. I'm not sure if I can reattach the thing or not, but at the moment, it looks like NOT. :(

In the meantime, the machine has a second one that holds another spool for double needle sewing, so I will be able to use that. I just have to find the accessory box where the 2nd one is located! Of course, that doesn't solve the real problem-- and the machine won't be usable for double needle stuff unless I can fix the broken part. I'm hoping that I won't end up needing a new machine over this.

So, no pictures again today. Maybe tomorrow.


Susimac said...

Oh I do hope that you can get it fixed, I would be lost without my machine as I use it for bigger projects, hope its not too expensive to mend either, even a service here in the UK costs a packet!!


MysteryKnitter said...

Awww....I am sad for you. :(