Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Little Gift Sampler

This isn't actually a gift-- Little Gift Sampler is just the name of the design, by Indigo Rose. I wanted this to feel a little more like spring, so I changed all of the colors. I started with the fabric, 32 ct. Carnation Pink linen. I used Waterlilies "Confetti" for the alphabet, then chose coordinating DMC for the rest. I'll finish this one into a needleroll. Which reminds me... I really need to assemble some of my finished projects. Currently, they're sitting in a drawer, waiting for attention.

In the meantime, I've pulled out PIG once again. I haven't actually started stitching on it yet, but I plan to do that this evening. Tradewinds is still coming along nicely. Perhaps I'll have an update to both of them in the next few days.

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