Monday, April 14, 2008

Home Again

We spent last week in New Bern, NC... our annual trip to BF's timeshare. I always look forward to the trip, but we keep finding more and more to do down there, and it seems to become more hectic each year. Yesterday I arrived home feeling like I needed a vacation from my vacation!

I managed to stitch a little while we were away, but not much. I dutifully worked on Adia Tuesday-- my weekly UFO stitching commitment. PIG also saw the light of day, but again... not much. I didn't get around to photographing them yet, but I'll post some updates soon.

We've been extremely busy since we got home yesterday. There's a ton of garden work to do, and we're also trying to get one of our northern VA properties converted to a rental. It doesn't look like I'll be doing much stitching this week.

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