Thursday, March 16, 2006


Yesterday was a good mail day, but for once, it was not due to stash. (Can you believe it?) This time, it was bath products. There was a box from Lush waiting on the doorstep, and it was HEAVY. The package had a buttercream, a bath melt, a couple of soaps, 9 bath bombs, and 4 or 5 bubble bars. AND... they sent a package of freebies with 2 more bath bombs, a bubble bar, and soap! Next to stitching stash, bath products are my biggest habit (and at the rate I'm going, the bath stash may overtake the XS stash soon).

My Wednesday evening stitching time was spent on my Spring Exchange gift, and it's looking very pretty. I do have one area that I have to frog though-- I'm just not thrilled with the color choice for that particular spot. I'll be working on it again this evening, then I'll take a break over the weekend for the monthly stitchathon. I think I'll work on Castle Sampler again this month.


patternnuts said...

I'd have to live in a box if I bought all I wanted for stitch and bath stuff!
Gotta' love mail!

Lana said...

I'm right there with you on the bath stuff, I love anything that smells pretty! That includes bubble bath, lotions, and body mist. I have so much right now that I would never have to buy anymore for the rest of my life, and still have tons when I reach the retirement home.=P