Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I promised pictures

And I took some. Unfortunately, our internet connection chose not to cooperate when I tried to post them. So I have pictures on my PC, but not in my blog. Yet. Perhaps it's in a state of shock that I finally updated my photos. I'll work on it some more this evening and see if I can coax the machine into behaving. If it cooperates, I'll have updates of Castle Sampler, Adia, Robert's Stocking, and a February ornament Happy Dance that I had nearly forgotten about.

In the meantime, I went shopping with BF after work yesterday. Nothing exciting-- just a trip to Home Depot. I hate going into that place, but it was a necessary evil. We needed a light fixture for BF's master bathroom. We found one that I like, but it doesn't go with the existing faucet or other bathroom hardware. So I guess we'll be replacing all of it in the near future.

After our little shopping adventure, I was able to prop my feet up and work on Castle Sampler while watching Footballer's Wive$ that we had taped from BBC America. I didn't get much done-- just a bit more of the border.


Dawn said...

I'm not much for going to Home Depot either. I hope you are able to post some pics later! :)

MysteryKnitter said...

Do not give up on that castle thing! Every stitch is forward. Believe me, I know. I am trying to say that myself when I have been struggling with "Praying Child" and her hair.