Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 Stitching

This was the first year that I set stitching goals for myself. I'm not sure how helpful they were. On the one hand, having established goals helped to keep me focused on certain projects and I accomplished a lot. On the other hand, some of my goals fell by the wayside in favor of other things.

I did particularly well with my UFO and WIP goals for 2006. I wanted to finish three UFOs: Santa's Magic, Pansy Needleroll, and Mother's Love Needleroll. I also finished the three WIPs that were on my goal list: Snow Wonderful, Spanish Geometrical Sampler, and Castle Sampler.

I was about 50/50 on the list of things that I wanted to start and finish. I did not even start Prairie Garden or the Shepherd's Bush stocking that I planned to do for myself. But, I did finish the stitching on Robert's Stocking, Quaker Diamond, and my Valentine's exchange project.

I also met my goal of starting Persian Iris Garden. I haven't been great about keeping up over the last several months, though. I'm hoping to finish this one in 2007, but I'm not making any promises. ;) It has grown to the point that it is nearly too large for my biggest Q-snaps, so I've been concentrating on one corner rather than doing all of each section as it is published.

The goals that I really came up short on were the ones for assembling FUFOs. I had a list of six, and of those, the only one that is assembled is Deck the Halls Bellpull (sorry, no pic yet, because I just finished it). Despite not assembling the intended FUFOs, I finished several others that had been sitting around for ages. I assembled seven FUFOs in all... just not the ones that I had intended. I also did a lot of assembly work and learned several new finishing techniques along the way, thanks to the various exchanges that I joined this year. I participed in 17 exchanges in all this year. Unfortunately, there were a couple that made it into the mailbox before I had a change to photograph them. >:(

All in all, 2006 was an extremely productive stitching year for me. I completed a total of 37 projects and assembled a total of 24 projects (including exchanges). Not too bad! I haven't decided whether I'll set goals for 2007. I probably will, but I plan to keep them modest (again).


cathymk said...

You've had a great stitching year Juanita!

I just wanted to say thankyou for updating us on your P.I.G, it looks fantastic. I think it is the most completed one I've seen on black fabric. I've just picked mine up again and am close to completing part 1 (I've been a bit side tracked!)

Anita said...

You have some impressive stitching in 2006. Finishing is my biggest problem, I love to stitch and finishing is another story. I always like to set up some guildlines for the new year since I know I won't stick to any type of goals. Have a happy new year.

I would like to know the designer of the spring morning needleroll that you stitched.

Cathy said...

Good for you on completing so many projects in 2006! Have a very Happy new Year!

Carol said...

Happy New Year Juanita! I think you got a lot done in 2006 - congratulations!!

Vonna said...

Happy New Year Juanita!
You got A LOT done in 2006 - here's to all your hopes and dreams in 2007!

Dawn said...

Happy New year!!


Needlearts Kelly said...

You've certainly done quite a lot. I love your Persian Iris Garden and can't wait to watch your progress on it.