Friday, May 16, 2008

A New Project

Joanie was kind enough to pass along her pattern for "Their Song". It arrived a week or two ago (I've totally lost track of time recently) and I couldn't wait to start it. I went through my stash and found a lovely piece of fabric for it-- Antique Gold 36 ct. Edinburgh from Silkweaver. After selecting fabric, I set about pulling threads. I changed the colors just a bit, so that they would show properly on the fabric. I started on Monday, and here's what I have so far.

I really don't like the way this photographed. It's so pretty IRL, but doesn't look so great here. The photos I took of Adia today aren't much better.

Speaking of Adia, that project got a few beads recently. That's about the only thing that is left on this project, and it is slow going.

Here's how she looked before my most recent beading session.

Sadie is still settling in. We've had a few "accidents" since bringing her home. I do believe that she is house trained, but I don't think that I've gotten the right schedule for her yet. (Obviously. LOL) This is made worse by the fact that she gets very distracted when she goes outside. There are so many new things to see and smell! We got a kennel for her a few days ago, and that has helped quite a bit.

She's still learning about her new home, and has started to investigate her "room mates", also known as The Cats. This has been entertaining for me, but I'm not sure the animals are finding it quite so humorous. We've also discovered that Sadie likes to open our mail... with her teeth. She chewed up part of an envelope today. Fortunately, it was junk mail and not anything we needed. I'd hate to call the phone company and explain that the dog ate our bill. LOL


karenv said...

Their Song is looking gorgeous so far, I love that fabric colour! I really enjoyed stitching this one last year, it's a beautiful design :)

Anonymous said...

Their Song is adorable! and Adia is Breathtaking! What wonderful stitching you do.

Joanie said...

Ha, ha!!! I am glad to corrupt you! I loved stitching that sampler and I was so sorry to finish it up. Your piece is gorgeous and I know it looks fabulous on the fabric that you chose.
Adia is lovely too.
I am glad that Sadie is settling in, I think that she still has some of "puppy" left in her. I am so happy that you rescued her, she has such soulful eyes. I know I wouldn't have been able to pass her.

Sandra Ree said...

Their Song looks great! Adia is pretty also. My baby Bubbles likes to tear up paper too, I'm thinking about retiring my shredder. lol

Anonymous said...

Their Song looks awesome. I love that design and am looking forward to see your progress.
Adia is stunning and the end is so near.

Itching To Stitch said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your WIP's look great, you have some awesome projects going ;)