Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Biscornu... and a note on the cardinal nest

I completed the second piece of stitching, Green Moroccan Tile from BH&G, this week. Both designs were stitched on 28 ct. colonial blue lugana, with "Waterfall" floss from Carrie's Threads. This was my first time using these threads, and I must say that I really like them. The variegation is nice and there were no tangling issues. I only have a few of these threads, but I will definitely be getting more of them.

With the stitching completed, I immediately got started on the finishing. It was really easy. I understand now why other stitchers say biscornus can be so addicting.

As for the cardinals, I think the eggs must have hatched, but I haven't actually seen the babies. The nandina bush that contains the nest has gotten a bit thicker since I photographed the eggs, and it's nearly impossible to see anything now. Getting a view of the nest at this point would require too much disturbance for the birds. I have seen both the female and the male back and forth a lot around the bush, bringing food for their offspring.


Sandra Ree said...

It's lovely, you did a super job!

~Julie~ said...

oooooh!! Juanita, I realllly like that biscornu! I don't think I have seen one finished on blue fabric before...and I must say it really is lovely! I might just have to try that now---copycat that I am! LOL Great job and thank you for sharing with us!


Sharon said...

Pretty biscornu! Congrats.

Jenna said...

Great work on your first biscornu, Juanita! I'm sure that it won't be your last and it turned out beautifully.