Friday, November 05, 2010


I'm not generally a fan of pink. Fuschia is okay, but not little-girl pink. But when I decided that I needed some girly pajama bottoms, I went straight for the bolt of oh-so-girly, complete with butterflies, pink flannel. I'm glad I did-- they're too cute! :)

The pattern is McCall's 5248. Not much to tell, really. Pajama bottoms are unbelievably easy to put together... just four pieces and a tie. Not much fitting required other than getting the hem right. Speaking of the hem-- these ran LONG. I made the medium and shortened a little when I cut the pattern, but still ended up taking off another 1".

I'll probably make more of these to replace the ugly men's flannel that I normally wear around the house. This will certainly be more cheerful during the dreary winter months.


Julie and Becky said...

Those are adorable! I notice no tops, though, tee hee!

Love the cheery color!


Karen said...

Very cute! I love the butterflies.

Lana said...

Those came out great!!! VERY pink though...I'm not a big "pink girl" myself!! The butterflies are cute!