Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am not a model!

I really hate being in photos... and it shows. The bad hair day doesn't help, either. LOL Oh well. My latest sewing projects just didn't look that great on Wilma, so I had to step in.

First up is New Look 6375, a six-gored knit skirt. Since I stopped working, I don't have the occassion to wear many skirts. They always make me feel a bit overdressed, partly because we live in an area where most people dress casually and choose comfort over style. I hate feeling frumpy, so I've decided that a few skirts are in order.

I chose this pattern for a couple of reasons. First, I've entered the stash contest at Pattern Review. The challenge is to sew patterns that have been in the stash pile for 6 months or more. This pattern definitely meets that criteria. I've had it for at least 2 or 3 years. The other deciding factor is that I've been on a diet (WW online, if anyone cares), and I am still shrinking. Six gores and an elastic waist make this a VERY easy skirt to take in later. ;)

I wasn't sold on this skirt before I sewed it, mostly because it called for knit... and I haven't had great luck with knit skirts in the past. Then I fell in love with this poly-lycra knit at Joann's, and it was positively BEGGING to be made into this skirt. The fabric wasn't the greatest to work with-- it wanted to roll and made the casing and hem a real pain in the rear-- but the feel and drape of this stuff made it well worth the trouble.Now that it's finished, I absolutely love it. This will probably be a "go to" pattern in the future.

My other recent finish is Butterick 5185. This top is assymetrical with a knotted front. It's a little tough to see these details in the picture, though. Because of the print, they just sort of blend in. It doesn't do this so much in real life, but I was too lazy to take better photos. Sorry about that!

Anyway, the fabric is one that I ordered from Fabric Mart especially for this top. I loved the print and weight of the fabric, but wasn't crazy about the way it feels. Can't have it all, I guess. It feels okay on, so that's good... and it's such a distinctive top that I probably won't be able to wear it too often for fear of becoming "the woman who seems to have just that one top". LOL

The only real trouble I had with the construction of this top was the sleeves. The pattern as drafted had WAY too much ease, which resulted in a puffy gathered mess around the shoulder... not really what I want in a knit top. The detailed review is here:


Karen said...

You look great! Your skirt and top are really pretty. I really like your fabric choices. :) Congrats on losing weight too!

Julie and Becky said...

Juanita, you look beautiful! I love these fashions - you did a gorgeous job sewing them. I realized once I saw the pictures that I've never seen a picture of you - you look so lovely! :D


Babs in Alabama said...

Juanita, you DO look beautiful and the tops and skirt look like they were just made for on words there :) What a lady you are and I have seen one picture of you back in the day of the DC stitchers, so I had an idea anyway.

Anita (Summer Gypsy) said...

First the skirt. It is beautiful, and I love the black and white print. It is very flattering on you. And the asymetrical top is very pretty, long and slim looking. (I also made that top and love it!) I also don't have opportunities to wear skirts much but it is fun to look nice even if you aren't going to work. You DO look like a model. Lovely work.