Friday, February 06, 2009

Wretched Little Tree

That's what I'm doing today, after a nasty visit from The Frog. Actually, make that repeated visits.

As I was working on Souvenir Sampler yesterday, adding in more of the optional motifs, I realized I had miscounted on a tree. I wasn't very happy about this, since I hadn't particularly enjoyed stitching that tree in the first place. I had stitched about 90% of it, and had to rip all of it out, because I had placed it one row too high.

After re-stitching that wretched little tree, I carefully checked top & bottom. Perfect! On to the house....

I stitched the brown of the house and was just starting on the roof, when I decided to check the placement. Sure enough, the top & bottom were perfect. BUT... the house was one stitch too far to the right. I couldn't believe it. I checked the position of the house relative to the tree. Of course, it was right. It was that stupid tree. The one I didn't like stitching the first time, and liked even less the second time around.

Here's what the sampler looked like before my frogging session. I haven't made a lot of progress since the previous post, but thought I'd share anyway.

And here, dear friends, is the Wretched Little Tree that has caused me so much grief. I hate that tree.

And no, I haven't re-stitched it yet. I'm almost afraid to try it again, so I've started with the house this time. Who knows, maybe I'll do a different tree altogether. LOL


Clara said...

In spite of the frog, it is beautiful! I hate that frog too, he seems to come courting a lot here too.

Brigitte said...

This all sounds very familiar to me. I also had that a couple of times that I had to restitch something not only once but twice. But the sampler looks so beautiful. Reminds me a bit of my Random Thoughts that is half finished and waiting in some box to see the daylight again...

Anonymous said...

It's pretty!!
Love to see your blog!!
Cross stitch