Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beautiful Thanksgiving & Autumn Exchanges

Sorry I've been so quiet lately-- computer time has been limited, and our internet service has been less than cooperative. >:(

Enough of that! Take a look at the wonderful exchanges that I received last week, for the Autumn and Thanksgiving exchanges. Becky had my name for both exchanges, and she really spoiled me. I get in quite a funk at this time of year, and Becky's wonderful package really brightened my week. :)

For the Autumn exchange, Becky stitched this fantastic scissor/needle case. She also made a sweet little pumpkin tape measure cover. I love the little bees and beehive on this piece, because they remind me of Becky each time I see them.

The Thanksgiving part of this package was this amazing box. It's so beautifully stitched and finished. As lovely as it is in this photo, it's so much prettier in real life.

There were all sorts of other goodies in this package along with the stitched gifts. I love these little Halloween tuck pillows and can't wait to stitch something to put in them. Becky included a wonderful assortment of fall-colored threads-- DMC, perle cotton, and silk Mori-- and a gorgeous piece of hand-dyed fabric. There's also a cute little kit, notecards, and some great decorative items.

I feel so spoiled! :)


Katrina said...

what lovely autumn goodies you received :)Some lovely treats.

Cathy said...

You did receive some beautiful exchanges from Becky. I sure have enjoyed participating in the various exchanges this year!

Anonymous said...

What nice things Becky sent you. All of her stitching AND finishing is gorgeous. Hope you are now out of your funk.

Carto said...

Wow what lovely, lovely things to receive - yay! I hope you're feeling better now - did the horrible cruddy thing you have ever go or is it still hanging on for dear life? Anyway, I hope you're feeling better. Glad you managed to get out of the funk. :)

Sharon said...

Great exchange! Becky does such fabulous things. Enjoy!

Tessa said...

What a fantastic exchange - it is nice to be spoiled sometimes :)