Thursday, October 19, 2006

Home alone... sort of

I guess it depends on what "home" is. At the moment, I'm still at my place in the country. BF had to return home (northern VA) to tend to his business, but I decided to stay behind. There's nothing that I need to do up there, and we were going to return to the country this weekend anyway. So I've been on my own for a few days.

It has been a pleasant week so far. The weather has been realitively cooperative, except for a cool & rainy Tuesday. Yesterday and today have been around 70 degrees, but the leaves are turning and it is getting cooler. One of my aunts came over yesterday and brought me a red velvet cake. YUM!!! It's really a shame to be alone in a house with a red velvet cake. LOL

Today I did a bit of shopping at the local Wal-Mart. There really isn't much else in the way of shopping options here. There's Food Lion if you want groceries, and Cato if you need some other-than-Wal-Mart clothes, but the nearest shopping mall is about 30 miles away. I can rack up quite a bill at Wal-Mart if I am left unattended. Today's outing resulted in some wonderful fall decorations, as well as some new Christmas goodies that I couldn't resist. Some other goodies hopped into my cart, and it was overflowing before I knew it. Did I mention that I only went there to buy some soda and frozen peas? :)

Of course, I have been doing plenty of stitching (in between chasing dust bunnies and other assorted house-related tasks). I deliberately left PIG at home, so that I could focus on other things. Mostly, I've worked on Spanish Geometrical Sampler. I'm getting very close to a finish on that one! I'd share a pic, but I don't have any camera software installed on this PC. :(


Red said...

I Love-Love-Love Red Velvet Cake!!!! Enjoy a piece for me!
Can't wait to see your progress while you're living the "wild" life out there.

Cathy said...

Enjoy your time in the country! How wonderful that you have so much time to stitch!

Sharon said...

Now, that sounds nice and relaxing-can't wait to see your progress on your Spanish sampler!

bunnyhead said...

Having a place in the country sounds so wonderful and quiet!

Karen said...

The peace and quiet is so nice and relaxing. Enjoy your cake and stitching time. :)