Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Better than expected

There has been more sewing than blog posting lately. Mostly, that is because I'm soooo lazy about taking pictures, and the remote for my camera isn't working as it should, meaning that if I'm going to get any photos, I need to find someone else to take them. I hate to bother BF with it, so until the cats learn to use a camera, we'll just have to settle for Wilma as model.

One as yet unposted finish is Simplicity 2936, a button-front top with raglan sleeves. This pattern has languished in my stash for AGES because, well... the photos are decidedly unappealing. So bad, in fact, that every time I pulled this pattern out I couldn't begin to figure out why I had purchased it. The photo gives it a decidedly "home made" look that made me think more of a craft project than a custom-created garment. Really not my style at all, and something that I'm afraid of accidentally creating. Those of you who sew can probably relate to this. LOL

After giving the technical drawings a closer look, I decided to give the pattern a chance. It had nice shaping, courtesy of tucks in the front and back, and the raglan sleeves are great. I went with the non-collared view and decided against adding trim (though I did purchase some and may add it later).

Everything went together perfectly, and the tucks provided an opportunity to get a perfect fit through the waist. I loved the results and will probably make this again soon, in white. My ONLY complaint is the fabric that I chose. I used a cotton sateen. It would have been great for a different top, just not this one. It wrinkles badly in the wash, and the sleeves of this top are very difficult to iron properly. I've also had a hard time getting the neckline ironed just right. It was great when I first completed the top, but since washing.... well... just take a look at the photo, and you'll see what I mean.

Other than the issues with ironing, I was pleasantly surprised by this top. The full review is here.

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