Sunday, June 20, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year...

That's right... WIMBLEDON!!! I watch plenty (okay, probably too much) of tennis, but this is the big one. The bonus is that I'll probably get lots of stitching done. I'll need something to do if I'm going to spend that many hours in front of the television. ;)

I've gotten back to work on Garden Verses, so that project will probably get some attention over the next two weeks. Actually, I've been working on it quite a bit today while watching a rebroadcast of the 2008 men's final. I even took a couple of recent update photos.

This is from Wednesday, June 16:

And here it is today:

I also started a new project this week, Secret Pumpkin Patch by the Trilogy. I would probably have finished this one already, if my cats hadn't absconded with some of the floss. I wish I knew where they buried it.

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