Friday, June 04, 2010

Counted Canvas

While on vacation in April, I checked out a wonderful shop (Weaver's Webb, in New Bern, NC). I went in intending to purchase some new sock yarn, but instead got distracted by their wonderful collection of counted canvas patterns and supplies. I could have gone absolutely wild in that shop, but managed to show some restraint, just in case I wasn't wild about stitching on canvas. I chose a few patterns, mostly by Laura Perin, and had one of them kitted up.

The pattern I decided to kit-up and stitch first was Malachite Maze. I couldn't wait to get started, and I rapidly became obsessed with stitching it. This was a nice change from my usual stitching, and the fibers were absolutely yummy. I finished it on Monday, except for one tiny jewel that I need to replace. The photo is a bit lop-sided (photographer error) and it really doesn't do the piece justice.

Since I've had a few finishes recently, I decided to treat myself to a new start... The Decorator by Full Circle designs, from the 2007 JCS ornaments issue. The fabric in the background is what I plan to use for finishing. All I need to do is drag out the sewing machine. I wonder how long that will take? LOL


Babs said...

beautiful finish, Juanite, as I do a little two step for you :) It won't take long for the other one if you just get to it! It's going to be adorable with that fab.

Sharon said...

I've never had the nerve to try counted canvas, but I wish I would find some - this is a beauty! What lovely stitching you do!!
That litlle frosty guy is sure a cutie!!! :)

Marjo said...

I like doing a few canvas pieces as a break from cross stitch. I love the colors in that piece. The ornament is so cute. Love it.