Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thinking Spring

Our crocus are blooming! That always puts me in the mood for spring. The only drawback is that my fondness for flowers translates into a LOT of work. Lately, I've spent more time on my hands and knees in the flower beds than I have stitching. By the time I sit down to stitch, I'm too sore & tired to hold a needle.

With the improved weather, I thought some spring-themed stitching was in order. So, I started Wee Spring, by Heart in Hand. The photo isn't very good-- poor lighting. The fabric is really a much prettier shade of yellow than shown here. I'm not 100% happy with the way the white is (or isn't) showing up against the fabric. Perhaps a bit of backstitching will be in order.

I also took a photo of the needleroll that I stitched last month. The stitching is complete, but it still needs charms. I didn't have anything suitable on-hand, so the actual "finish" will have to wait a bit longer.


Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Your Stitching is just love to read your Blog.

Do you have a picture of your other WIP - the Garden Verses one? I would love to see a picture of this.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Hugs :)
Linda K, Railroad

Brigitte said...

Your new project looks already very good. Maybe you have finished it in the meantime. If there wasn't too much to do in the garden that is. I love the crocus, they are such lovely signs of spring.
Two days ago I spent an hour in the garden reading for the first time this year. But this weekend has brought back low temperatiures and rain.

Tessa said...

What a cute needleroll - the snowmen are adorable.

I so admire gardens with flowers - wish I had a green thumb - your crocuses are stunning :)