Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Exchanges

I was the lucky recipient of two holiday exchange packages this week. The first was from Jayne, for the Year-Long Prairie Schooler Exchange. I really love this cheery little guy. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a decent photo of him... YET.** This was as good as I could manage at the moment. :(

The second ornament that arrived in the mail was stitched by Vickey, from one of my online groups. This also arrived with a package full of goodies**, which I am enjoying tremendously.

**I don't want to rant in an otherwise happy post, but I am experiencing HORRIBLE issues with my digital camera. This is why I do not yet have a decent photo of the lovely ornament that Jayne sent, or the package of goodies from Vickey. It has become a major struggle to get a single decent picture off of my camera.

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Brigitte said...

Oh, I love these ornaments. Both ladies were doing a great job. Enjoy.