Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Projects, Old Projects

Nearly two years ago, I took a sock knitting class at a local yarn shop. I loved it, and a new addiction was born. I learned to knit as a kid but was never really "into" it... until I found socks. That first pair was pretty plain, knitted using a very forgiving sport weight sock yarn and size 4 or 5 needles.

The ultra-boring 2 x 2 rib pattern and larger size needles kept things simple so that we could learn the basic principles of sock knitting. And learn them I did! :) The moment that first pair was finished, I immediately purchased more yarn, plus a couple of basic sock-knitting books. More yarn came home, and soon my laptop had multiple folders devoted to sock patterns that I had collected online. When I'm not sewing, or stitching, or gardening, or weaving baskets, or any of the other thousand things that I love to do, I'm knitting socks. But like so many things, I usually forget to take pictures. So, here are just a few that I've made in the last year...

A few days ago, I visited the local yarn shop to look for some of my favorite sock yarn (Bamboobaa, if you're wondering). I picked up these lovelies and, of course, promptly started knitting yet another pair of socks.

On the sewing front, I'm working on a new pair of shorts from McCall's 5391. I picked up the pattern during one of the recent pattern sales at Joann. It's similar to the last pair I made (McCall's 5857), but the waist isn't so high and I was able to purchase the pattern in the correct size. So far, these seem to be working better than the other pattern. The fabric is left over from a pair of pants that I made last year. It's not the fabric I would choose, but it was good for a first run of this pattern.

Some good news about that last pair of shorts I made-- they're not as bad as I first thought. They aren't good... the waist is way too high and gives a definite "mom jeans" vibe... but they work well with some of my summer tops that aren't worn tucked in. The great news is that they are really comfortable to wear. So, I guess they weren't a tragic fail after all. I still won't be making that pattern again, though.

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